Advantages of laser grooving technology

Advantages of laser grooving technology

The quality of bevel cutting determines whether the workpiece can be firmly welded. Traditional metal cutting bevels are mainly made by turning, planing, milling, grinding and other methods. The cut workpiece generally has deep cutting marks, large thermal deformation, large gap and missing arc angle. The later splicing processing is difficult. And the traditional process is tedious, low production efficiency, can not meet the requirements of high-volume bevel cutting. The application of three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting equipment has brought a major breakthrough in metal parts processing, better meeting the cutting needs of ships, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, engineering machinery and other related supporting three-dimensional parts. The grooving process is as follows.

1. Thick plate bevel efficient cutting
Grooving supports cutting metal plates up to 30mm thick; laser cutting groove plate compared with the traditional groove plate process, the thickness increases significantly, helping companies to broaden the processing range and application scenarios, and significantly improve production efficiency.

2. Stable production and batch processing
Traditional cutting grooves are easily affected by external factors, resulting in unstable cutting process and uneven quality of processed parts, leading to low productivity; using laser equipment for bevel cutting can effectively ensure cutting accuracy, stable cutting quality and reduce processing errors. It is suitable for the batch processing of groove parts.

3. Support multi-slot cutting
Three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting head can precisely control the equipment axis according to the thickness of different materials and welding requirements, breaking through the conventional linear cutting method, supporting K, V, Y, U, X and other types of cutting Slotting, saving production processes, zero-gap cutting to reduce the difficulty of welding and improve the efficiency of sheet metal processing.

4. Improve the quality of grooving
3D five-axis laser cutting head, can cut and trim the 3D shaped surface of the workpiece; support maximum 45° grooving one-time forming, no secondary processing. The workpiece can be directly used for welding, effectively replacing the traditional die punching and trimming process, shortening the production cycle and reducing manufacturing costs.

5. Reduce groove processing cost
Traditional groove parts processing requires a lot of manual participation in the cutting and polishing process; using laser equipment for cutting can help enterprises effectively reduce labor costs and time investment, effectively solve the problem of difficult recruitment and save production costs.

Post time: Dec-27-2022