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Our full coverage and exchange platform fiber laser cutting machines are the perfect tools for precision cutting metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum. With their high performance and environmentally friendly design, our machines set new standards for metal cutting machines.

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Designed to meet the cutting and engraving needs of various industries, our fiber laser cutting machines can be used in the following applications:

1. Advertising Signs: Our machines offer high-quality cutting capabilities, making them ideal for creating eye-catching and durable signs.

2. Sheet metal processing: Our machines have high-speed cutting capabilities, which are very suitable for sheet metal processing, including cutting, shaping and drilling.

3. Solar: Our machines have precision cutting capabilities, making them the perfect tool for the production of solar panels.

4. Hardware production: Our machines can produce high-quality and precise hardware parts, including nuts, bolts and screws.

5. Auto Parts: Our machines are the perfect solution for producing high quality auto parts including body panels, engine parts and frames.


Our fiber laser cutting machines offer several advantages over traditional cutting machines, including:

1. Environmentally friendly design: This machine adopts a fully enclosed protective design, which can collect and remove smoke and dust, and is environmentally friendly.

2. Dual platform design: Our machines are designed with dual platforms, which can exchange materials quickly and easily, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

3. Auto-focusing laser head: Our machine includes an auto-focusing laser head, no need to manually adjust the focus, which can cut more efficiently and precisely.

4. Wide cutting range: Our machine has a multifunctional cutting range from -10mm to +10mm, ensuring that it can cut various materials.

5. Long lifespan: Our machine is equipped with precise cooling mechanism, including water-cooled mirrors, which can prolong the lifespan of the cutting head.


Our fiber laser cutting machines feature a range of features designed to increase productivity and accuracy, including:

1. High-speed cutting: Our machines use high-speed motors to ensure fast and efficient cutting.

2. Precise focus: The machine automatically adjusts the focal length of the laser head to ensure high-precision cutting.

3. Integrated electrical cabinet: Our machine adopts an integrated design, which reduces the machine's footprint and prevents dust and fire hazards.

4. Monitoring system: Our machines include a high-definition monitoring system that monitors the cutting process and alerts of potential problems.

5. Smooth feeding system: Our machine is equipped with a smooth feeding system, which eliminates the risk of scratches and deformation during cutting.

Investing in our fiber laser cutting machines is a smart choice for businesses looking for high-performance and environmentally friendly cutting solutions. With their precision cutting capabilities, versatile range and easy-to-use design, our machines are ideal for a variety of industries including advertising, sheet metal fabrication, solar, hardware production and automotive parts. Its environment-friendly design, auto-focusing laser head, and smooth feeding system make it the best choice for high-precision metal cutting.

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