High power&Ultra-large format metal sheet fiber laser cutting machine

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Ultra-large format customization,Bevel cutting,High power

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Ground rail split welded bed

It is made up of several sections, higher strength and hardness, reducing the use of equipment loss and bed vibration processing errors, often maintain long-term accuracy.


Welded bed with equal strength butt overweight plate, segmented splicing bed. The high-strength steel plate welding bed uses the groove welding process to achieve the mechanical properties (especially the tensile strength) of the equal strength welding (butt welding) joints between steel plates equal to that of the base metal. The welded joints do not crack. After the internal stress annealing process, the bed is firm and durable, with zero deformation rate

Ultra-large format customization

The cutting width can be up to 30000 * 3200mm, realizing the overall processing of oversized workpieces, fast and precise cutting of plates, and meeting more cutting requirements.

Working area can be customized according to customer needs. Power can be selected from 6000W-40000W, processing a wide range of material types, perfect application for large metal processing industry.

Optional bevel cutting

LG series can be optionally upgraded with 0-45°bevel cutting laser head, which can process various bevels such as V, X, Y, etc.Different types of bevels are formed at one time, which improves the efficiency of sheet metal processing.

Beam safety light curtain

Light curtains are installed at the front and rear sides of the beam for 360 ° all-round protection with high sensitivity and reliability; The safety protection can be opened with one key to ensure the operation safety in the production process

Visual feeding function

With the visual feeding function, the novice operator can track the metal sheet in the whole process through the operation interface, and make up the typesetting to ensure accurate cutting. Maximize the use of leftover plates, and increase the utilization rate of plates to 90%

Partition dust removal design

It makes the smoke exhaust more smooth, dust removal more thorough, zero pollution, more environmental friendly.

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