Revolutionize your welding process with our handheld laser welder

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Our handheld laser welders are state-of-the-art solutions for precise and efficient welding. It’s designed for easy handling and is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for small to large projects.

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Our handheld laser welding machines are suitable for industries such as kitchen and bathroom cabinet manufacturing, staircase and elevator manufacturing, shelf production, oven production, stainless steel door and window manufacturing, electrical box assembly, and stainless steel furniture manufacturing.


Our handheld laser welders offer several advantages over traditional welding methods, including:

1. High precision: This machine adopts high energy density laser beam welding materials to ensure accurate and efficient welding process.

2. Increased Speed: Our machines weld faster than traditional welding methods, making them ideal for high-volume projects.

3. Aesthetics: Our welders produce clean and smooth welds that ensure a seamless finish that enhances the aesthetics of your product.

4. Enhanced flexibility: Our welders can be used for both small and large projects. It is also easy to transport and handle, making it ideal for use in the field.


Our handheld laser welders have several features that make them stand out, including:

1. Lightweight and compact design: Our machines are designed for easy handling, and the light and compact structure makes them ideal for on-site use.

2. High energy density laser beam: Our machines use a high energy density laser beam to weld materials, ensuring a precise and efficient welding process.

3. Digital display: This machine comes with a digital display screen, which can display welding parameters in real time, which is convenient for monitoring and adjusting settings during the welding process.

4. Adjustable spot size: Our machine allows you to adjust the spot size, ensuring a more accurate welding process.

5. Versatility: Our machines can work with a variety of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium, making them ideal for a variety of welding projects.

Investing in our handheld laser welders is a game-changing decision for businesses that require a precise and efficient welding process. With their light and compact design, high energy density laser beams and digital displays, our machines ensure a seamless welding process that enhances the aesthetics of your products. Whether you need to weld small or large projects, our machines are the perfect solution for your needs.

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