Step up your metal cutting game with our fiber laser cutting machine for plate and tube

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Upgrade your metal cutting process with our dual-purpose fiber laser cutting machine for sheet and tube, designed for cutting a variety of metals including carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum with high precision and high efficiency. With innovative features such as auto-focusing laser heads, multi-function air chucks and wireless controls, our machines are the perfect solution for your metal cutting needs.

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Our fiber laser cutting machine for plate and tube is suitable for various industries, including:

1. Advertising Signs: Our machines provide precise and high-quality cuts, making them suitable for making durable and eye-catching signs.

2. Sheet metal processing: Our machines are designed to cut and form sheet metal, making them perfect tools for sheet metal processing.

3. Solar: Our machines are the ideal solution for cutting solar panels to precise shapes.

4. Hardware production: Our machines can produce high-quality and precise hardware parts, including nuts, bolts and screws.

5. Auto Parts: Our machines provide the high-precision cutting required for the manufacture of auto parts.


Compared with traditional cutting machines, our fiber laser cutting machine for plate and tube has several advantages, including:

1. Dual-purpose design: Our machines can process plates and pipes, saving space and cost by 50%, and improving production efficiency.

2. Upgraded Welding Bed: Our machines use an upgraded welding bed designed with a stress-relief process to ensure a high level of stability and cutting accuracy.

3. High-strength aluminum beams: This machine is equipped with high-strength aluminum beams, which can bear heavy loads and maintain high cutting accuracy.

4. Auto-focusing laser head: Our machine includes an auto-focusing laser head, no need to manually adjust the focus, which can cut more efficiently and precisely.

5. Multifunctional pneumatic chuck: This machine adopts front and rear chuck design, which can quickly clamp and align materials, improve stability and cutting accuracy.


Our fiber laser cutting machines for plate and tube feature innovative features designed to increase productivity and accuracy, including:

1. Wide range of cutting: Our machines can precisely cut plates up to 20mm thick and pipes up to 200mm in diameter.

2. Long lifespan: Our machine has double cooling system (water cooling and air cooling), which prevents overheating and prolongs the lifespan of the cutting head.

3. Wireless controller: Our machine includes a wireless controller for easy operation and control, reducing the risk of pipe deformation.

4. Friendly user interface: Our machine interface is intuitive and easy to use, which can easily operate and control the functions of the machine.

5. Smooth feeding system: Our machine is equipped with a smooth feeding system, which eliminates the risk of scratches and deformation during cutting.

Investing in our fiber laser cutting machine for plate and tube is a wise choice for businesses looking for high-performance and efficient cutting solutions. With its multifunctional cutting range, multifunctional pneumatic chuck and innovative autofocus laser head, our machines are able to meet the needs of various industries, including advertising, sheet metal processing, solar energy, hardware production and auto parts. Its user-friendly interface, improved cooling system, and smooth feeding system make it ideal for high-precision metal cutting projects of all sizes.

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