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Our CNC Router is the perfect tool for precision cutting and engraving, making it ideal for a variety of applications. With their sturdy construction, high-speed motors and easy-to-use control systems, our milling machines are perfect for any business looking to increase productivity.

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Our CNC Routers can be used in a variety of applications including:

1. Woodworking: Our router is perfect for cutting and carving wood, making it an essential tool for woodworking.

2. Furniture Manufacturing: Our routers can cut and shape a wide variety of furniture components, including table tops, cabinets and drawers.

3. Sign making: Our engraving machines can cut and engrave a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and wood, making them ideal for sign making.

4. Prototyping: Our routers are ideal for creating prototypes of various products and designs, thereby speeding up the development cycle.

5. Mold making: Our routers can be used to make molds for various products, making them an essential tool in manufacturing.


Our CNC Routers offer several advantages over traditional cutting and engraving tools, including:

1. Sturdy Construction: Our router is made of high-quality materials with a seamless welded steel body to ensure durability and longevity.

2. High-speed motor: Our router has a high-speed motor for fast and efficient cutting and engraving.

3. Easy-to-use control system: Our router is equipped with an intuitive control system, even beginners can easily operate it.

4. Customizable settings: Our routers allow custom settings, allowing fine-tuning and optimization for specific applications.

5. High-precision cutting and engraving: Our router has high-precision cutting and engraving functions, ensuring a seamless and accurate cutting and engraving experience.


Our CNC Routers feature a range of features designed to increase productivity and accuracy, including:

1. JMK860 driver: Our router adopts JMK860 driver, which provides high precision and high speed performance.

2. 20 Linear Bearings: Our router is equipped with 20 linear bearings, which provide high load capacity and stable operation, ensuring a smooth and precise cutting and engraving process.

3. 3KW water-cooled spindle: Our router is equipped with a 3KW water-cooled spindle, which provides long-lasting power and smooth engraving.

4. Independent control cabinet: Our router has an independent control cabinet, which is equipped with the control system of the machine, which is convenient for operation and maintenance.

5. T-Clamp: Our router has a T-Clamp to securely hold the material on the workbench, ensuring high efficiency and accuracy.

Investing in our CNC Router is a smart choice for businesses requiring precision cutting and engraving solutions. With their sturdy construction, high-speed motors, and easy-to-use control systems, our engraving machines ensure a seamless and efficient cutting and engraving process. Its customizable settings, high-precision cutting and engraving capabilities, and T-clamp make it a versatile tool for a range of applications, including woodworking, furniture making, and sign making.

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