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Our CNC press brakes are a game-changing solution for industries that demand precision and efficiency in their manufacturing processes. This machine is composed of frame, workbench, slide block, main oil cylinder, check valve and other components, which are carefully crafted to ensure first-class precision.


Our CNC bending machines are ideal for businesses in various industries including construction, automotive, aerospace and marine. It is ideal for precise bending and cutting of materials such as steel, aluminum and titanium.


Our CNC press brakes offer many advantages, including:

1. Precise bending: The slider movement of this machine is controlled by two cylinders to ensure smooth and precise bending.

2. Reliable synchronization: The slider synchronization mechanism is controlled by a CNC servo pump to ensure stable and reliable synchronization.

3. Advanced control: The machine is equipped with a dedicated control system that can handle three axes (X, Y, R), ensuring precise positioning and repeatability.

4. Flexibility: Our machines can be operated manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically, depending on the application and operator preference.


Our CNC press brakes have several features that set them apart from the competition, including:

1. Precise structure: the frame adopts annealed stress-relieved welded steel structure to ensure excellent rigidity and stability.

2. Top-level components: The machine is equipped with a German MT15 special CNC system for bending machines, ensuring unparalleled precision and control.

3. Cutting-edge technology: To ensure the best precision, our machines adopt European technology, mechanical rod automatic adjustment and V-axis deflection compensation.

4. Intuitive interface: The machine comes with a user-friendly interface that displays the current and target positions of the X, R and Y axes.

5. Reliability: The check valve of this machine has automatic avoidance and time delay functions, and is driven by a high-performance servo motor and a precision ball screw to ensure excellent positioning and repeatability.

For businesses that demand precision and efficiency in their manufacturing process, investing in our CNC press brakes is a wise choice. With their advanced controls, flexible operation and best-in-class components, our machines ensure precise bending and cutting to take your business to the next level.

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