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The machine tool is assembled by frame, slide, table, cylinder, hydraulic servo pump system, position detection system, number control system and electrical system.

The drive structure of this machine tool is of upward moving design.
1.The mechanical structure of this machine tool is mainly composed of frame, table, slider, main oil cylinder, and back stop and other parts. The perfect design and manufacturing process can effectively ensure the manufacturing and use precision of the machine tool.

2. The frame adopts frame structure, all-steel welded structure, eliminating internal stress through annealing treatment, ensuring the overall accuracy of the machine tool, with excellent rigidity and excellent resistance to twisting and tilting. The thickened table plate and thickened slider make the whole machine have high rigidity, so the deformation of slider and table is very small when bending, and the workpiece has excellent straightness and angle consistency.


◆Adopt large floor boring and milling machine and use the whole processing method for precision processing to ensure the overall processing accuracy of the machine.

◆The up and down movement of the slider is controlled by two cylinders. The synchronization mechanism of slider adopts CNC servo pump to control synchronization, which is stable and reliable.

◆ Adopt German MT15 bending machine special CNC system to control Y X R axis.

◆In order to ensure the machining accuracy of the workpiece, the special European advanced technology CNC control, automatic adjustment of mechanical tie bar type deflection compensation table and V axis.

◆ Display the present and target position of X, R Y-axis and V-axis.

◆ There are manual, semi-automatic way and fully automatic way.

◆ The back stopping device has the function of automatic back avoidance and delayed action.
The backstop device adopts high performance servo motor and precision ball screw and linear guide, so that the positioning accuracy of XR axis transmission and repeat positioning accuracy can be reliably guaranteed.

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