Lin Laser participated in China (Jinan) – ASEAN Laser and Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Matchmaking Conference

On May 5th, Lin Laser participated in the China (Jinan) – ASEAN Laser and Smart Manufacturing Industry Matchmaking Conference, which is one of the series of activities of 2023 Shandong Brand Overseas Promotion Action, organized by Shandong Provincial Trade Promotion Association, organized by China Chamber of International Commerce Shandong Chamber of Commerce, Jinan City Trade Promotion Association and Overseas Organizations Joint Office Center, and actively supported by Thailand-China Business Council.

The event is a practical measure to implement the integrated development strategy of the province and the city, and is an important part of the “2023 China (Jinan) World Laser Industry Conference”. It aims to take advantage of the platform of the conference to build a platform for supply and demand matching and industrial cooperation, showcase and introduce the advantages of Jinan laser equipment manufacturing, effectively expand the international influence of Jinan laser brand, effectively help laser and intelligent manufacturing enterprises to develop the ASEAN market, and promote advanced laser technology and intelligent equipment to take the road of industrial internationalization.

Lin Laser successfully reached a strategic cooperation agreement with a Malaysian agent, and with other ASEAN enterprises. We had a pleasant meeting and will continue to communicate more deeply after the meeting to establish long-term win-win cooperation.

Post time: May-16-2023