Is it better to buy a new fiber laser cutting machine or a used one?

With the hot metal laser cutting machine equipment, many people are wondering whether it is more cost-effective to buy a new metal laser cutting machine with a higher price, or buy a used metal laser cutting machine with a lower price is more cost-effective to buy a laser cutting machine used is good, will there be hidden dangers, between the new machine and used machines, how should I choose.

First of all, the laser cutting machine is mainly for the laser, cutting head, cooling water circulation device, air compressor, transformer, CNC system, operating table, and the host of the composition. All machines have a certain number of years of use, when beyond the use of these core components will be aging and prone to failure.


The core part of the laser cutting machine is the laser, if the laser problems, the follow-up will also generate high maintenance costs or replacement costs, and, the laser will largely affect the old and new cutting quality, from this point of view, the purchase of a new metal laser cutting machine will undoubtedly be much more cost-effective.

Of course, just from the laser point does not explain the problem, the selection of the machine should also pay attention to the overall construction of the machine and the level of technology, now the metal laser cutting machine cutting range is becoming more and more extensive, the requirements of the process is also increasingly high, also requires equipment with better performance, depending on the overall used metal laser cutting machine.


Post time: Jun-07-2023