How to use the laser cutting machine correctly

Many customers do not know much about the operation of the equipment after purchasing the laser cutting machine. Although they have received training from the manufacturer, they are still vague about the operation of the machine, so let Jinan YD Laser tell you how to use the laser cutting correctly. machine.

First of all, we must do the following preparations before using the laser cutting machine:

1. Check that all connections of the laser machine (including power supply, PC and exhaust system) are correct and plugged in correctly.

1. Before use, please check whether the power supply voltage matches the rated voltage of the machine to avoid unnecessary damage.

2. Check whether the exhaust pipe has an air outlet so as not to hinder the air convection.

3. Check whether there are other foreign objects on the machine.

4. Make sure the work area and optics are clean, if necessary.

5. Visually inspect the condition of the laser machine. Ensure free movement of all institutions.


2. Optical path adjustment during the hardware operation of the laser cutting machine

Let’s take a look at how to adjust the optical path of the laser cutting machine:

1. To adjust the first light, stick the textured paper on the dimming target hole of the reflector A, tap the light manually (note that the power should not be too large at this time), and fine-tune the base reflector A and the laser tube of the first light Bracket, so that the light hits the center of the target hole, pay attention to the light can not be blocked.

2. Adjust the second light, move the reflector B to the remote control, use a piece of cardboard to emit light from near to far, and guide the light to the cross light target. Because the high beam is inside the target, the near end must be inside the target, and then adjust the near end and the far beam to be the same, that is, how far is the near end and how far is the far beam, so that the cross is at the position of the near end and the far beam The same, i.e. near (far), means that the optical path is parallel to the Y-axis guide. .

3. Adjust the third light (note: the cross bisects the light spot left and right), move the reflector C to the remote control, guide the light to the light target, shoot once at the near end and the far end, and adjust the position of the cross to follow the cross The position at the near point is the same, which means that the beam is parallel to the X axis. At this time, the light path enters and exits, and it is necessary to loosen or tighten the M1, M2, and M3 on the frame B until the left and right halves.

4. Adjust the fourth light, stick a piece of textured paper on the light outlet, let the light hole leave a circular mark on the self-adhesive paper, light the light, remove the self-adhesive paper to observe the position of the light Small holes, and adjust the frame according to the situation. M1, M2, and M3 are on C until the point is rounded and straight.

3. Software operation process of laser cutting machine

In the software part of the laser cutting machine, different parameters need to be set because the material to be cut is different and the size is also different. This part of the parameter setting generally requires professionals to set, it may take a lot of time to explore by yourself. Therefore, the settings of the parameter section should be recorded during the factory training.

4. The steps of using the laser cutting machine are as follows:

Before cutting the material, the steps to start the laser cutting machine are as follows:

1. Strictly follow the regulations, follow the start-stop principle, open the machine, and do not force it to close or open;

2. Turn on the air switch, emergency stop switch, and key switch (see if the water tank temperature has an alarm display)

3. Turn on the computer and turn on the start button after the computer is fully started;

4. Turn on the motor in turn, enable, follow, laser, and red light buttons;

5. Start the machine and import CAD drawings;

6. Adjust the initial processing speed, tracking delay and other parameters;

7. Adjust the focus and center of the laser cutting machine.

When starting to cut, the laser cutter operates as follows:

1. Fix the cutting material, and fix the material to be cut on the workbench of the laser cutting machine;

2. According to the material and thickness of the metal plate, adjust the equipment parameters accordingly;

3. Select the appropriate lenses and nozzles, and check their integrity and cleanliness before starting the inspection;

4. Adjust the focal length and adjust the cutting head to the appropriate focus position;

5. Check and adjust the center of the nozzle;

6. Calibration of cutting head sensor;

7. Select the appropriate cutting gas and check whether the spraying state is good;

8. Try cutting the material. After the material is cut, check whether the cutting end face is smooth and check the cutting accuracy. If there is an error, adjust the equipment parameters accordingly until the proofing meets the requirements;

9. Perform workpiece drawing programming and corresponding layout, and import equipment cutting system;

10. Adjust the position of the cutting head and start cutting;

11. During the operation, there must be staff present to carefully observe the cutting situation. If there is an emergency that requires a quick response, press the emergency stop button;

12. Check the cutting quality and precision of the first sample.

The above is the whole process of laser cutting machine operation. If you don’t understand anything, please contact Jinan YD Laser Technology Co., Ltd., we will answer you at any time.

Post time: Jul-18-2022