How to maintain the laser cutting machine

Any product needs to be well maintained in order to obtain a higher service life. There is no doubt about this, and it is also the daily maintenance content that every enterprise must set up for processing tools. So how to maintain the metal laser cutting machine? What needs to be done to obtain a high and stable service life?

The first point: clean up dust and metal impurities. Dust cleaning is something that needs to be done in the daily maintenance of each machine, and a clean and tidy machine is also a guarantee for the quality of the product. The metal laser cutting machine mainly processes metal. Although the cut metal should be blown away soon, there will still be some residues, and it is also very important to clean up these impurities.

The second point: regularly count the usage of the machine. Regularly adhere to and record the parts of each part of the metal laser cutting machine, and quickly replace the parts that do not work well, and then keep the metal laser cutting machine in a relaxed working environment, and do not let damaged parts. The effect of dragging down the use of the machine.

Post time: Jul-18-2022