Laser cutting application industry

Lasers seem to be very far away from our lives, but if you look closely, you will find that lasers can be seen everywhere in our lives, even everywhere. The use of laser cutting machines is also very extensive, especially in industrial manufacturing. Laser cutting works flawlessly on most metal materials.

1. Sheet metal processing industry

Laser cutting can be described as a major change in sheet metal processing. Due to the high level of flexibility of laser cutting, fast cutting speed, high cutting efficiency, and short product work cycle, it immediately became the darling of the sheet metal processing industry. Laser cutting has no cutting Force, processing without deformation. No, and when processing accessory cabinets and file cabinets, they are often standardized production of thin plates. Using laser cutting machines for cutting processing is more efficient and can complete cutting processing requirements faster.

2. Agricultural machinery industry

The advanced laser processing technology, drawing system and numerical control technology in the laser cutting machine have been widely used in the processing and manufacturing of agricultural machinery products, which has accelerated the development of agricultural machinery production and improved economic benefits. Reduce the production cost of agricultural machinery products.

3. Advertising production industry

In the advertising production industry, many metal materials are usually used, and traditional advertising material processing equipment, the processing accuracy and cutting surface are not ideal when processing advertising fonts and other materials, resulting in a surprisingly high probability of rework, not only a lot of waste cost, and greatly reduced work efficiency. If the laser cutting machine equipment is used to process advertising materials, it can not only effectively solve the above-mentioned series of problems, perfectly present the effect of advertising materials, but also greatly improve the production and processing efficiency, and achieve a real low investment and high return.

4. Automotive industry

In the automotive industry, some parts, such as car doors, car exhaust pipes, etc., will leave some extra corners or burrs after being processed. If they are processed manually or traditionally, it is difficult to ensure accuracy and efficiency. If processed with a laser cutting machine, corners and burrs can be easily solved in batches. As one of the most intelligent industries at present, automobile manufacturing has integrated a variety of production processes, and laser, as one of the most important technologies, has achieved intelligent production of up to 70% of accessories.

5. Fitness equipment

The fitness equipment placed in the gym and the square is basically made of pipe materials. Using a pipe laser cutting machine can cut and process the corresponding pipes more conveniently and quickly, and complete the production and assembly of fitness equipment.


Post time: Jul-18-2022